Painting a vinyl chair

Painting a vinyl chair with Chalk Paint™

One of my customers Kathie recently showed me a few of the transformations she has made using Chalk Paint™  by Annie Sloan.  A great looking chair but not a colour that was working for her.


She taped off all of the chrome and applied approximately 3 coats of Old White from a 4 oz sample pot allowing it to dry completely between coats.


She still had half a sample pot left over after painting this chair.  A little really does go a long way!  Usually you can wax as soon as the paint is dry, but when painting vinyl and leather it is always a good idea to wait 24 hours before waxing for optimum adhesion.


This is the stunning result! Kathie says it feels and looks like leather now and not vinyl! Good work!


Sharing a Workshop participants lovely blog post…

A few weeks ago Rita and her girlfriend attended one of my workshops.  This is her blog post (below) about the experience,  thank you so much for sharing Rita.  Check out the rest of her blog too, you will really enjoy it!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop

For years I’ve had a secret dream of attending an Annie Sloan chalk painting workshop. I’d look at the pictures online of smiling ladies in beautiful locations surrounded by paint and brushes and projects and aprons…

and sigh and wish I could be one of them.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

But, alas, the workshops were held in places like Pennsylvania and Tennesee – both of which are a wee bit far from my British Columbia home.

In fact, I’d never even laid eyes on actual Annie Sloan chalk paint.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So, you can imagine my elation when a friend contacted me and asked if I’d attend one with her~in a city only 4 hours away.

I couldn’t dial the phone fast enough!

It was held in a breathtakingly beautiful little shop in Victoria, BC called A French Touch.

Continue reading HERE.




80’s Melamine and Oak Kitchen Makeover

So excited to share this amazing transformation by one of my customers.  Holli owns a lovely 1930’s cottage here in Victoria and decided it was time to update the look of her kitchen.  Here are some of the “Before” photos.


And the “After”…


The cupboards were painted using a mixture of half Coco and half Old White, finishing with 3 coats of Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax.



Isn’t this an amazing transformation?  I think Holli did a fabulous job!


A little finishing touch using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan in the colour Napoleonic Blue finished with Dark Wax on the knife block.


It has been several months now and she is so happy with how it turned out, how easy it is to wipe down and its durability. Check out her blog at This Best Life.


Carol’s Coffee Table

One of my lovely customers Carol, who took my workshop a few years back, is an avid user of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint ™ and consequently has a beautiful home.  Her latest project was a coffee table for her living room.

coffee1 She sanded the top of the table smooth as the veneer had damage, lifting and cracking.  Where pieces of veneer had chipped off, they were filled with wood filler.  One coat of Graphite was applied followed by a slightly watered down second coat.   Chalk Paint ™ has such high pigment that you often only need a coat and a half.  The trim was painted in a 3:1 ratio of Pure White and Old White.


Once paint was fully dry, Carol applied one coat of the Clear Soft Wax followed by the Dark Wax on the trim and lower areas of the table.


Notice that she is painting right in her living room?  That’s the wonderful thing about Annie’s paint, no odor and dries so quickly you can have the piece done before your family comes home!
She applied two coats of the Clear Soft Wax (24 hours between coats) for extra durability.


And here she is!  What a great transformation, looks wonderful Carol.



Colours fit for a Princess?

Annie Sloan says “This lovely piece appeared in today’s Daily Mail, one of the UK’s big national newspapers. Our lips are sealed! We can’t confirm or deny! #MoreThanPaint #ChalkPaint #AnnieSloan  


Marlane’s Chair

A great example of what Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan can do for a good solid but dated looking chair.

Customer Marlane removed the skirt and painted the newly exposed legs in Graphite. The fabric has been painted with a couple of coats of Coco. What an amazing transformation, I think she did a great job!


Do you have a chair that needs to be updated?  The possibilities are endless.  Come by the store and we would love to help show you how.


If it doesn’t say Annie Sloan, its NOT Chalk Paint™!


Janice Issitt's Summerhouse

Shared from

By Annie Sloan

Painter in Residence, Janice Issitt turned this previously underused summerhouse into a serene and sun-drenched yoga room using my paint, Chalk Paint®.

Janice painted the walls in Paloma – a contemporary neutral which has a pink/purple tone to it. This creates the perfect neutral backdrop to the bright pops of colour Janice introduced throughout the space.

She dyed the lace curtains with Chalk Paint®, using a mix of Emperor’s Silk and Henrietta. She used this same colour mix to stencil the walls in a ‘mandala’ shape.

She painted a little cabinet in Antibes …read more