About Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan

This is THE paint to use for the painted French and Swedish look on furniture where the paintwork shows a patina of history. The paint is soft and easy to patinate, taking wax to give it a beautiful mellow and protective finish. The colours have been inspired by European 18th century furniture and have been made bright and rich, bearing in mind that they will darken with an application of wax. 

For garden furniture, paint over wood, metal, matte plastic or terracotta and leave to harden overnight before exposing to rain. No need to varnish or wax matte walls – use on walls for a completely matt effect – but remember that a matt finish is best used in places that won’t get a lot of wear and tear!

On a practical note, the woodwork NEEDS NO PRIMING & NO SANDING as it will stick to almost everything -old waxed pine, melamine and varnished wood included. A thorough cleaning is all that is required. Knots on new wood need to be sealed with Knotting solution. This paint has great coverage, though of course it depends on what you’re painting; a rough rule of thumb is that you’ll get 13 square meters from one can of paint!

The paint allows walls to breathe and is a simple, eco-friendly, water-based paint. Brushes can be easily washed out with water.

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