Carol’s Coffee Table

One of my lovely customers Carol, who took my workshop a few years back, is an avid user of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint ™ and consequently has a beautiful home.  Her latest project was a coffee table for her living room.

coffee1 She sanded the top of the table smooth as the veneer had damage, lifting and cracking.  Where pieces of veneer had chipped off, they were filled with wood filler.  One coat of Graphite was applied followed by a slightly watered down second coat.   Chalk Paint ™ has such high pigment that you often only need a coat and a half.  The trim was painted in a 3:1 ratio of Pure White and Old White.


Once paint was fully dry, Carol applied one coat of the Clear Soft Wax followed by the Dark Wax on the trim and lower areas of the table.


Notice that she is painting right in her living room?  That’s the wonderful thing about Annie’s paint, no odor and dries so quickly you can have the piece done before your family comes home!
She applied two coats of the Clear Soft Wax (24 hours between coats) for extra durability.


And here she is!  What a great transformation, looks wonderful Carol.


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