Painting Tips

Chalk Paint™

Chalk Paint™ adheres to almost any surface, indoors or out—and there’s rarely any need to sand or prime before painting.

Always clean your piece before you begin painting. For the very dirty pieces, eg: smoke residue, roadside finds, kitchen cabinets etc. or any piece where you don’t know the history, we recommend using TSP (tri sodium phosphate) and ALWAYS rinse with clear water. There is an excellent organic TSP alternative that works great for all other pieces.  Both are available at most hardware stores.

Chalk Paint™
To properly mix this decorative paint; before opening turn the Chalk Paint™ can upside down and leave for approximately 20-30 mins.
Shake the can to mix up the contents and stir the paint very well, especially when new.
We always recommend doing a test spot.

Paint Brushes
To prepare your Annie Sloan paint brush, remove plastic wrap and tap the brush bristles gently against a counter or table to loosen any stray hairs from manufacturing.
Then wash twice in warm water and a mild dish detergent.
Gently squeeze dry with a rag and your brush is ready to use.These brushes are made from natural bristle so a small amount of bristle loss is normal in the beginning.
After each use, wash and then condition your brushes with a small amount of hair conditioner and rinse with warm water.    Take care of your brushes and they will last you for years to come.

The wax is very soft and buttery, so a little goes a long way. Use a wax brush or an old white 100% cotton rag (lint free) to apply a small amount of wax, working it into the paint, like hand cream and removing any excess as you go. If you would like a matte finish, you are done.  If you would like a sheen, buff the following day.  The more you buff, the more shine you will create.
For a great antique look, use Dark Soft Wax. Work it into your (still wet) Clear Soft Wax and spread. Wax small areas at a time using a small amount of Clear Wax as an eraser.
The wax and paint takes 28 days to fully cure. You can enjoy your piece immediately, but handle gently and use coasters and pads to protect.

Wax Brushes
We carry both the Annie Sloan wax brushes as well as the Lady Butterbug wax brush.

To clean Annie’s wax brushes, use soap and water.

To clean your Lady Butterbug wax brush, use a small amount of mineral spirits/paint thinner in a rag to remove wax build up.

Use in Gardens
Use Chalk Paint™ on outdoor walls, wood, metal, concrete, matte plastic or terra cotta and leave to harden overnight before exposing to rain.
Annie Sloan Soft Wax is never used on outdoor items. You can use Graphite to create a lead or slate look on pots and statuary, or Old White and garden soil to age.
Hardware can be painted with Chalk Paint™, waxed and rubbed back for a distressed look.
Inside of Drawers & Cabinets
Apply Chalk Paint™ in a contrasting color and/or you may want to add stenciled patterns or decoupage elements.
Metal Work & Light Fixtures
Chalk Paint™ can give new life to old brass or other metal fixtures. Over rusted areas, the paint will slow down the corrosion but the rust will reappear over time.  If you wish to stop the corrosion, clean the area with steel wool and wash.  Apply two coats of shellac or varathane and paint when dry.
Wood or Concrete Floors
Chalk Paint™ can transform old varnished wood floors or concrete floors.
Apply two or three coats of paint and seal with two coats of Annie Sloan Lacquer for durability.
Using a sponge roller or large brush to apply Chalk Paint™ to a wall, giving a slight amount of texture and some visual dimension. Use a fabric or wool roller to create texture depth or interest.. Finish with Soft Wax if desired.
Kitchen Cabinets
A fast and affordable way to transform your kitchen. Chalk Paint™ and Wax is extremely durable and easy to clean.
Apply at least two coats and then give them two or three coats of wax to seal. Allow each coat of wax to dry 24 hours. Chalk Paint™ is meant to give character and interest rather than a perfectly smooth “plastic” finish. Refresh every now and again with a light coat of wax if and when it is needed. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth to clean. Clear wax acts as an eraser for any marks that cannot be cleaned with soap and water.
When to Sand
Use 100-220 grit sandpaper to get rid of loose paint and other debris.
Use 220 grit sandpaper on shiny or glossy surfaces like melamine or laminates.
A quick and affordable way to reupholster.
We recommend watering down the paint to apply on fabric as this will keep your fabric soft.  As it can vary from one fabric to another, pop by the store and we will be happy to give you more information and step by step instructions
for a wonderful result.
To paint leather or vinyl, simply clean and apply two coats of Chalk Paint™ followed by two coats of Clear Wax.
Allow 24 hours between coats of wax.
To paint wicker, dilute the paint with water (approximately 20%) depending on the coverage desired.

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